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BCC Calls On Government To Ease Recruitment Processes

Leading representatives of British industry have called on the government to make recruitment processes easier for businesses, to help them contribute to national economic growth in 2011. 

Director of Policy and External Affairs at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), Dr Adam Marshall, said that while most businesses are taking an encouragingly pragmatic approach to the effects of government austerity, there are certain aspects that are beyond their control.

"Making it easier to hire, ensuring faster planning decisions, encouraging business investment and helping exporters are central to making 2011 the Year for Growth that the UK economy needs," he emphasised. 

Dr Marshall said that a survey by the BCC of more than 450 British businesses showed that firms were more willing to take a hit on their bottom line in order to weather the lean times, rather than reduce their staff count. 

The survey also showed that many businesses would deepen the hit to recruit a new member of staff, if that was what it took to keep the company in good order. It also revealed that only six per cent of companies were anticipating reducing wages during 2011.

Dr Marshall's words were reiterated by chief executive of online recruitment company Recruitment Genius, Geoff Newman, who said, "Only by making recruitment easier and reducing the burden of excessive employment red tape will businesses employ staff and deliver a year for growth in 2011."

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