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Recruiters To See Tech Job Placements Grow

It has been revealed that recruitment agencies are set to see an increasing number of IT tech placements over the next ten years, with the Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology saying that sector expansions will lead to many new vacancies. These new jobs will bolster the economy and offer recruiters a great variation of positions to place staff in.

With economic difficulties recently showing slowing growth and increasing unemployment, many recruiters may have feared that job prospects were shrinking; however, over the next nine years, the IT workforce in the UK is expected to swell considerably, growing by twice the rate of general workforce jobs at 1.62% every year. The new report also showed that, of the 148,000 job openings every year, only 19,000 of these would be filled by existing IT professionals, meaning that there would be ample opportunity for workers from other sectors to take up training and move into the IT field.

Employment prospects for the new jobs look lucrative, with around 67% of the predicted vacancies being those of IT strategist and ICT managing roles. 17% of jobs will be in support and operations, whilst 8% of jobs will require administrative technicians and computer engineers. Meanwhile, the fields that are most likely to require great numbers of IT professionals will be risk management, project management, systems architecture and business process, offering a varied range of vacancies to be taken advantage of.

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