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Rising Oil Production To Create New Jobs

It has been revealed that Shell is to increase its oil production, with the possibility that such efforts will offer a number of new employment opportunities in the process. Energy is a big priority in Britain at the moment, with the government wanting to ensure that there is enough power for the UK’s future. As investment is plugged into both the renewable sector and the gas and oil industries, job vacancies are set to rise.

In the latest news, Shell said that it expects to be producing an extra 35,000 barrels of oil every day as operations off the coast of East Scotland are significantly increased. These barrels will push up Britain’s total oil output by 2% and help the country to gain better security over energy supply for the coming years.

Energy minister John Hayes explained that Britain continued to be at the forefront of energy production, with the industry constantly finding new ways to increase production and fulfil demand. “The durability of oil production in the North Sea constantly confounds expectation. It is a tribute to the high-tech advances and expertise of British industry, which has constantly pushed the boundaries of what can be produced,” he said.

For those looking for jobs, the energy sector will be the ideal place to look. For recruitment agencies that are trying to plan where future vacancies may lie, looking to the gas and oil sector could have prosperous results.

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