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Our work with CODE Student Accommodation

About CODE Student Accommodation

Code Student Accommodation designs, builds, rents and manages student accommodation in Leicester, setting the very highest customer service standards across all channels for students. All staff are fully committed to being the best student accommodation provider in the UK.

“We pride ourselves in having an edge over the competitors and we’re looking for a platform that moves at our pace”

The challenge

Code Student Accommodation were looking for a suitable, like-minded entrepreneurial company that understood the importance of the customer journey and removed obstacles often associated with recruitment.

This contributed to a struggle to get good, well-qualified candidates from traditional job advertisements.

Getting a high-quality choice of candidates from which suitable, engaging people who fully understand the concept of total commitment to customer service has been difficult.

The approach

The team at Code Student Accommodation came across Recruitment Genius during a web search in 2016 where they were introduced to the user-friendly platform and shown how ads propagated to 2000 job boards quickly.

“A fantastic dashboard enables the efficient management of applications with professional communication to both successful and unsuccessful applicants”

The outcome

Recruitment Genius is now the organisation’s main recruitment method. So far, CODE Student Accommodation has recruited 5 people through the service out of a 40 strong workforce.

This has helped build a young, vibrant, resourceful and respectful culture, with total empathy for the life choices students have made and commitments to help them achieve their goals

“There is nothing to lose and everything to gain – you’ll remain in control of your response, which is vital, and be quick enough to catch the best candidates”

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Mylo Kane, Dreamr
"They just seem to be able to find the right people and I think the right people use the service too"

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