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Our work with Cookson Gold

About Cookson Gold

Cookson Gold are suppliers of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals and jewellery-making supplies to brands including Swarovski and Fimo.

“It couldn’t be easier to use Recruitment Genius”

The challenge

Cookson Gold isn’t a name that people have generally heard of unless they are interested in jewellery making. Therefore finding good quality candidates with the skills required was a real challenge they faced.

This has been crucial for a business whose employees are its biggest asset. “We wouldn’t be able to do anything without them,” Kennedy says. “They are good at adapting, embracing change and seizing opportunities. They are a very loyal and dedicated team.”

Cookson Gold offers competitive benefits, focuses on communicating with its employees and describes itself as a friendly, welcoming team and a happy place to work.

The approach

Cookson Gold first discovered Recruitment Genius through its own online research. Recruitment Genius enabled the company to undertake their recruitment by providing an easy-to-use and efficient recruitment service.

“We have an extremely helpful and efficient account manager, it’s quick, easy, straightforward to use and saves time,” Kennedy says. “We’ve also used the JobChat app to get answers to questions recorded by candidates. It worked well and is a good tool to have available.”

“As soon as a job has been posted we start receiving good quality applicants”

The outcome

Cookson Gold has hired more than 20 members of staff through Recruitment Genius, comprising about 10% of its entire workforce.

Using Recruitment Genius has also been much cheaper than using both an agency and some other providers in the market, according to Kennedy.

“We are a recruitment genius because we find and retain good quality, talented people”

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Andrew Seaton, Resolve
"Recruitment Genius has proven to be a fast, easy-to-use, effective recruitment method and has helped us to find the type of employee we are looking for"

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