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Our work with Zen Hair UK

About Zen Hair UK

Zen Hair UK are a hair extension importer and explorer microbusiness start-up looking to grow by bringing talented and knowledgeable employees on board. They act as both a hair extension wholesaler and supplier for trade salons as well as doing trade shows and magazine shoots.

“From the first time I used Recruitment Genius I loved the convenience of it and thought they presented themselves very well”

The challenge

Like with all start-ups, Managing Director Johnny Yip found himself doing everything in the office. One minute on the phone, the next doing accounts or packing stock, so spending time following a recruitment process was always going to be a challenge.

Having previously used Jobcentre Plus to recruit in previous companies, Yip was looking to ensure that he was going to get value when paying any kind of fee.

The approach

Recruitment Genius was able to convey the bigger picture. Finding the right staff, especially when you are a start-up, can mean the difference between success and failure. Recruitment Genius gave Yip flexibility and full control to run a successful recruitment campaign from writing the job ad, to managing the 170 applicants through the employer portal.

“It’s been a great success story so far. I would really recommend Recruitment Genius to any other company that’s going through the same. It really does take away a lot of the headaches and makes the whole process very smooth”

The fact that Yip was able to communicate with all the applicants, whether successful or not, meant disturbance from agencies calling up every 5 minutes and putting pressure on choosing from CVs was not an issue.

Finally, the fixed fee of £199 per position was ideal for a start-up.

The outcome

In an industry such as this, it’s all about the staff. Zen Hair is growing month on month with more and more staff required.

Yip found that this was the best way he could get through 100 CVs and there was no pressure to make a decision quickly.

Plus, Recruitment Genius’ Shortlist Plus facility, in which applicants make 20 or 30 second pre-recorded messages for recruiting companies to gauge their communication skills, enabled Yip to make decisions on candidates without seeing them.

“It’s almost like a bonus to add to their CV. The Shortlist Plus pre-recorded messages that I was impressed with, sure enough, at the interview, candidates did come across very strongly as people-persons, which is exactly the type of staff that we were looking for.”

“How was I going to get through all of this? But the platform for Recruitment Genius is quite clever because it allows you to quickly and easily go through all the CVs which are already attached as PDFs on there and give each applicant your full attention”

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