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Administrative, PA, and office management

“I have used Recruitment Genius for several hires after a recommendation from a friend. The service works exactly as expected and is very innovative which helps with the selection process. I personally deal with Callum who is always professional and efficient. I have just purchased 3 more credits which says it all.”

Simon Smyth
Computer Eyez

Types of Administrative, PA, Office Manager jobs we fill

  • Entry: Junior administrator
  • Senior: PA to chairman
  • Popular: Office manager
  • Specialist: Supply Chain administrator
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Industry spotlight

A wide-ranging sector covering lots of different roles which means there are always good administrators, personal assistants and office managers checking various job boards. A downside that we’ve noticed is that jobs often attract too many applicants making them time-consuming to manage. But that’s where our clever [Shortlist+] telephone screening tech has helped so many employers using Recruitment Genius.

In the wider industry, generic roles are becoming more technical to give employers better value for money while simultaneously improving applicant skillsets. Office managers, for example, are now typically involved in health and safety and human resources. This means you should be specific about what you want from candidates, who increasingly need to show a more adaptable approach to roles to stand out in a very crowded sector.

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